Game Restoration

I maintain and restore some old abandoned computer games for nostalgia purposes:

HoverRace NG (C++ With MFC)

A multiplayer racing game that was popular in the mid 90s, but discontinued at the turn of the century. Some players maintained the game for a while, but it has been abandoned for 5 years or so, so I decided to bring it back to life. I’ve got it compiling is VS2019, been applying some fixes and got the online racing part of the game semi-working again. It was peer to peer before people had routers in their homes, so needed bug fixes and a upnp hole-punching solution added.

BattleCity NG (C++)

One of the first online multiplayer rts type games. You are the mayor of a city and you have to build up your resources so that you can attack other cities. The game has been abandoned for a few year, so I’ve decided to become a maintainer. This game was mostly functional, but it needed ported to VS2019 and I’m maintaining the server.