Database Issues

Long story short: MySQL 8.0 was running really slow, so I switched to MariaDB and everything is running a lot quicker on all my sites and web based apps. Thankfully I already had backups of my databases.

Development-wise I’ve mostly been focusing on my work stuff and university work, so haven’t had a lot of time for hobby projects. I’ve also been completely redecorating the house which has been fun. Hopefully in Summer when I don’t have university work to do and all the house maintenance is done I can work more on hobby stuff.

However, I have been doing a bit of work on Timeshed, particularly to the IT inventory manager and the maintenance tracking side of things because I use them to help me with work stuff. I actually use those features on a day-to-day basis. It’ll be nice to make that part use friendly so other people can use them

I’ve also been developing a quiz buzzer that people can use in Zoom quizzes. The players can use it on their phone or computer and the host can use it on a computer: