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MSc Software Engineering student with 15 years as a Software Developer.

Technical Skills


I have done software development for work and personal projects for over 15 years. This has been with multiple languages, but mainly Java, PHP and C#. I've also taken some courses in devops and am keen to improve my skills with that.
The results of my programming work have been improved efficiency of businesses, better tracking of progress and ability for management to get useful information at a glance. As a developer my job is to give the business owner a competitive advantage.

Server Management

In my previous roles I have managed multiple servers including Windows Server on an Azure/Hyrid enviroment, VMWare hosts and guests, Linux and FreeBSD servers. These have run multiple applications including but not limited to Active Directory, IIS, Apache, WithSecure, Zabbix


I am currently working through an online course in order to obtain Azure certification.
My ultimate goal is to become a certified Azure Administrator and then complete the Azure Devops certifcation.
In my job I work with Azure Entra and Intune to help manage a corporate network.

About Me

I'm full time Software Developer who is currently studying part time for a Masters in Computing (Software Engineering)

I've been coding since I was in primary school, and have used many languages both professionally and in formal education.

I'm highly ambitious, have a great work ethic, love learning new technologies and have excellent communication and leadership skills. I can adapt and thrive in many different work environments and am confident that I'll be a valuable asset to any team that I'm in.

I started working full time as a developer at a Postal Company in 2008 and have also worked in the Energy and Construction industries. During this time have grown tremendously. I am now working as a Software Developer at an insurance company in Belfast.


Code Demos

Fortwilliam Musical Society

I created a website for a local musical society that I am a member of. This involved creating a custom Wordpress template, some php and Javascript. The photos were taken by various photographers behalf of the organisation

Active Directory Lookup Tool

A small C# application that acts as a front end for some terminal commands to manage active directory users.


A set of tools for project management, written in PHP and Javascript.

More Projects to Come

Check out my Youtube channel!

Work experience

I have over 15 years of professional software development experience, some of which have used Agile iterative development process. Below is only the work I've done that included software Deveopment.

Postal Group

May 2008- June 2012

Develop logistics software and web service client to manage bringing mail into mail centre. Develop software to perform complex mail merges including itemised statments showing movement, birth and death of cattle, frequent traveller statements for ferry users. Managment of VMWARe Esxi Host and FreeBSD client. Development of reports for accounting.

El Platanar, Honduras

June 2012 - April 2016

Develop payroll, time tracking and purchasing software for construction projects. Manage IT infrastructure for energy company control room. Develop SCADA software to display live generation & lostistics data on control room screens. Develop mobile GPS tracking software for driver logistics.

Between 2016 and 2018 I worked for a design company maintaining and creating web sites and Intranet sites for various organisations including Viridian/Energia, Northern Ireland Heart Chest and Stroke, The Gobbins Cliff Path. This mainly involved creating Wordpress templates and developing plugins for that platform.

Current Job - Insurance

January 2018 - Present

Develop and maintain insurance quotation and document generation software. Manage the Windows based server infrastructure on VMWare and Azure. Provide technical support to muliple teams. Diagnose and repair issues with IT systems.

This year I have been placed on the group aspiring leaders programme and have been attending leadership workshops.


Open University

Currently studying in my free time for an MSc in Computing (Software Engineering)


Open University

Graduated a with BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree


University of South Wales

Graduated with a university of Diploma in Software Engineering